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FAQ About Zipper Pulls & Zipper Chains

1.  How do I put a zipper pull on a zipper chain?

Take the closed teeth zipper chain and part the end of it approximately 1.5" to 2".  Slide one of the parted ends on one side of the zipper pull until the zipper chain can be grabbed coming out of the flat end of the zipper pull, then do the same to the other side taking the other side of the zipper chain and putting it through the other side of the zipper pull until the chain can be grabbed coming out the of flat end of the zipper pull.  Grab both ends of the zipper chain coming out from the zipper pull, lining them up as accurate as possible and then push the zipper pull up on the chain further to get it set on the chain.  If there are any bumps or misalignment, repeat the steps again.

2.  What are the different types of zipper configurations?

Zippers can be configured different ways for various uses.  They can be used on jackets, where both sides of the zipper chain freely and completely separate, on pants, where one of the zipper chain ends is completely closed,  on purses, where both of the zipper chain ends are closed and one or two zipper pulls are used to zipper-it shut, on coats utilizing two zipper pulls so that the low end and upper end of the zipper can open and be adjusted for comfort and sitting, while the zipper is able to completely come apart too, or having two zipper pulls on a one closed end zipper chain providing adjustment to a variety of different applications.

3.  What are some causes for zippers to not work?

 Most of the time, a faulty zipper pull is to blame.  If the zipper chain does not look damaged, replacing the zipper pull usually helps.  Over time and because of use, zipper pulls do not bring together the zipper chain complete resulting in misaligned areas or places where the chain comes apart when the zipper is closed. 

4. What do you do if something gets stuck in the zipper when it is being closed?

The best thing to do is open the zipper slowly to release the material or object stuck into the zipper.  Never just pull on the stuck object.  You can damage the object, zipper chain, and zipper pull by not being gentle!

 5. How do I determine the size zipper I want?

 If you have a zipper in front of you, commonly their size is printed on the back of the zipper pull slider. If you need to see samples of different sizes available through WBC Industries, please give us a call and we will send them to you.