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Knitted Elastic
Our knitted elastic is a thinner elastic that has a good stretch capacity and tends to be softer than the other types of elastics we distribute. This material retains its width when stretched and will not lose its stretch when pierced by a needle.  When stretched from side to side you are a..
Our woven elastic is the strongest and most durable of the elastics we distribute.  It does not narrow in width when stretched and is a versatile elastic. It has a strong enough hold where it can be used in industrial applications yet it is soft enough to be used against the skin. It is mad..
Heavy Woven Elastic is a strong polyester elastic with a 0.075" thickness and about a 70% stretch capacity. It is available in 1" in 24 colors, or 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2" in black and white. Each roll has 36 yards of material. Order minimum requirement of 10 rolls (360 yards) per order..
Our braided elastic is a thinner elastic that has the most stretch of the elastics we distribute. Braided elastic will narrow in width when stretched. It will lose its stretch when sewn through. It is commonly used in casings for garments, swimwear, as well as facemasks. It is made from polyeste..
Cord material is constructed with continuous strands of latex rubber. Black shock cord features a polypropylene cover and white with black stripes shock cord is made with a nylon and polypropylene cover.See below for available roll sizes, pricing, and specifications. All breaking strength listed be..
Artificial Limb Elastic. Sizes: 1", 1.5" or 2" Colors: Black, White or GrayRoll Size: 36 yards..
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