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Custom Packaging

Need packaging for your custom product? Upon placing an order for your custom items, you may also specify how you would like it packaged. 

If packaging specifications are not provided we will pack all items into poly bags at our discretion.  Detailed packaging options come at an additional charge and must be specified when placing your order. 

When you order a custom item from us, you have a number of options as to how it will be packaged. For custom straps, we typically wrap 10 or 20 straps together in a co-adhesive paper and box them up. 

Upon request, you can specify to have your order:

  • Poly bagged and sealed in any quantity
  • Bagged and sealed with a cardboard header (customer-provided)
  • Inserted into a clamshell-style blister pack ( customer-provided) 
  • Labeled with custom labels to your specifications 
  • Labeled on the outside of the boxes

For cut or mated pieces, you can specify how many you'd like in a bag or in a box. 

For slitting, scoring, or kiss-cut orders, you can request to have the order re-rolled in a specific size. 

A service charge may apply for special request services. Please call us to discuss any questions you may have about your packaging needs. 

By adding this listing to your online order it is letting us know you are interested in custom packaging pricing. We offer a variety of custom packaging options depending on your product requirements.  Once your order is received you will be contacted within 24 hours to review your cu..
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