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Mated Materials

Mated Materials

Mating is completed when materials are cut and paired together. This process is commonly used with Hook & Loop material.  Hook & Loop is spooled separately during the manufacturing process, as the material is not solely used as a set.  The mating process begins when each roll of material is cut entirely to the requested length. We have the ability to cut lengths as small as 1" all the way up to 48" pieces. Due to the nature of the mating process, material must be cut completely through the backing or liner. We are not able to mate products that have been kiss cut or scored. We are limited to length.  A member of our fabrication team will then take each individual piece of cut material and engage it with the opposite side, creating a mated piece. 

Materials we can mate include standard Hook & Loop products listed below: 

Additional materials may also be available for cutting and mating. For questions regarding our cutting process please visit this page for more information. 

For more information about our custom fabrication services or to obtain a quote please reach out to us via Live Chat or Call Us at 800-818-2932. 

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