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Die Cutting

WBC has you covered with all your die cutting needs. We can use our materials and custom die-cut them to your exact specifications. Whether your shape is simple or complex, we can use your drawing to make a die and then use the custom die on all of your future orders. 

We have two types of die-cutting machines at our New Jersey facility: 

Rotary Die Cutter

This method requires the a role of material to be placed in the machine and the chosen die installed to cut out the shape.  This die-cutting can be done on sew-quality hook & loop, or kiss-cut on adhesive-backed hook & loop. It's very fast, and we have a wide selection of pre-made rotary dies; bullet shapes, half rounds, both ends round, squares, stars, triangles and much more. 

What if you need an unusual shape? We can do that too!  A custom shape can hold a maximum of 5" x 9". The custom die pricing starts at $800. 

Steel Rule Die Cutting

This method is perfect for stamping shapes out of flat materials such as neoprene, foam laminate and leathers. It is also suitable for smaller quantities of hook & loop.  It requires a special stamp to be placed on the material and pressed with a machine by hand to cut out the designated shape. Each piece is stamped one by one. We have a selection of pre-made dies in stock that you can choose from. 

If you need a specialty shape, we can have a steel rule die made to any specifications you'd like, up to 20" x 25". The cost is very economical with prices starting at $85. 

Die stamp will last for approximately 10,000 stamps. 

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