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Sewing Thread & Supplies

Nylon Sewing Thread comes in a Tex 70 thickness in 15 different colors. Sold in 1 lb. spools which have approximately 6,000 yards. Great thread for all types of uses. Strong and durable, this is the type of thread we use in our custom sewing applications.Type: Bonded NylonSpool Size: 6000 ydsThickne..
Need thread that will stand up to UV light? WBC Industries distributes SunStop® Polyester Thread featuring 100% polyester filament with advanced protection against degradation and fade. Choose from Tex # T-90 or T-135 in 16 different colors. 8 oz. spools contain approximately 3,000 yards of threa..
Offering pre-wound bobbins for sewing machines in 7 different styles.Comes in white or black in styles A, H, I, L, and M and also in white, black, and beige in style G. Bobbin thread is a bonded 69 nylon thread and they are sold per box. Box contains a gross (144 bobbins). Unsure what style bobbin ..
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