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Frequently Asked Questions


Many people call it “velcro,” but VELCRO® Brand is actually the name of just one brand of hook & loop— the brand founded by the original inventor of hook & loop fastening systems. There are many other brands available worldwide; WBC Industries carries VELCRO® Brand, Aplix® brand, and our own in-house brand. So when you call to place an order for "velcro" fasteners don’t be surprised to hear “Would you like VELCRO® Brand or WBC brand?” in response!

Loop is the soft, fuzzy side, which is composed of hundreds of thousands of individual “loops” that the hook material grabs onto when the two are mated (put together). The hook is considered the "rough" side. Loop is referred to as the "female" side and can also be called "pile". Hook is considered the "male" side.

In order to determine which type of hook & loop you need, you must consider the application it will be used for. More information is available on the individual product pages, and samples of many products are available upon request for testing purposes.

Sew quality refers to hook & loop that does not have an adhesive backing; it is intended for applications that involve sewing the hook & loop to another material. Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is an adhesive that comes pre-coated on the back of hook & loop material.

PSAs are considered a semi-permanent bond; they are not washable or dry-cleanable.

We can create any strap you can think of—all in our own facility! We have a wide range of plastic and metal hardware available for this purpose, and the straps can be cut to virtually any length necessary. Furthermore, our extensive experience in manufacturing custom straps will enable us to assist you with the actual design of the strap if you are unsure of what to order.

Order & Delivery

The minimum order is just one roll on most items. However, hook and loop are sold un-mated, which means that each side comes on a separate roll.

Most in-stock orders placed before 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time are shipped the same day via UPS. The lead time on custom orders varies from job to job, depending on quantity and the type of item ordered.

Please view our Terms & Warranty page for more information. You may easily print out the page for future reference.

WBC Industries offers a great combination of selection, service, and reasonable prices. In fact, we believe we offer the most extensive selection of competitively-priced products around. There are no minimum quantity or dollar amount requirements, and many products are shipped on the same day they're ordered.

1. What is the minimum shipping charge? 

The minimum shipping charge for any order is $12.95. Shipping costs are determined based on the dimensional weight and location.