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Magnetic Fasteners

WBC carries a variety of magnetic fastening material and buckles that provides a secure one-handed use and great for those with dexterity issues.

Check Out a Video Showing the Magnetic Slide Release Buckles at Work! Click Here

2" Aluminum/ Black Turn Buckle that is engaged by magnets and released by turning. Made for one-handed use. Can be used on luggage pockets or any application needing a quick release buckle that is securely closed when locked. Sold 2 per package...
Turn Handle Buckle that engages by magnetizing together and releases by turning. Made for one-handed use. Great for all types of applications such as a buckle for luggage pockets. Comes 2 per package...
Magnetic buckle comes in black and fastens securely with a magnetic locking system. Great for one-handed use or for those with dexterity issues. Top portion of buckle comes with a hinge that gives more flexibility to the webbing used in your application. Comes 2 per package  - Webbing p..
Black magnetic buckle featuring one side for shock cord and one side for webbing. Fits 1/8" shock cord and 3/4" webbing. Shock cord and webbing are sold separately. Great for one-handed use or for those with dexterity issues. Sold in packages of 2...
Black magnetic buckle that magnetizes and locks securely closed.  This buckle can be used one-handed and is great for those with dexterity issues.Features a red webbing pull tab that is 9/16" wide and a metal moveable bar slide adjuster that is located on the pull-tab end.  This buckle w..
1.5" Black buckle that magnetizes securely closed. Comes with a 1.5" opening on top of buckle to allow for pull tab (no pull tab included). Also has a 1.5" opening on other side of buckle for webbing. Sold in packages of 2 - webbing pictured sold separately...
Buckle easily magnetizes securely closed when two ends come close to each other. One end features a moveable bar metal slide adjuster that fits 1" webbing material and has a molded plastic tab to lift for releasing the buckle. Can be used one-handed or great for those with dexterity issues...
Magnetic closure buckle that comes with a pull tab release top portion of the buckle and a snap base. The snap base can be screwed into hard surface materials. Closure magnetizes and locks securely into place when both top and bottom come close to each other. Features a red webbing pull ..
Buckle secures into a locked position by magnetizing and locking the two buckle ends together. Buckle is open by pulling a top tab that unlocks the buckle. Great for use with one hand or for people that have dexterity issues. Pull tab top opening is 1/8" and buckle features a paracord pull. ..
This versatile magnetic self-securing buckle features a pull tab that will work well for end-users with limited dexterity.   It has a single bar that is non-adjustable. Will accommodate 1.5" wide strapping.  The dimensions of the entire product are 49 MM x 80 MM x 13.5MM (W X L X..
Buckles have a slide release plastic top of the buckle which magnetizes onto a snap at the bottom base. The bottom magnetic snap can be installed into all types of materials. Great for one-handed use or individual with dexterity issues. Buckle fits 5/8" width webbing. Sold in packages of 2 -..
A shock cord and webbing combination buckle that securely snaps into the fastened position with the help of magnets. Made to use with one hand or great for those with dexterity issues. Comes in black and fits 5/8" webbing on one side and 1/8" diameter shock cord on the other side.Sold in pac..
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