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22 Jan Customer Spotlight- Diaper Deck
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Customer Spotlight- Diaper DeckDiaper Deck paved the way for products in the infant safety industry. They have created products that make the lives of infant parents easier by designing publicly used items such as high chairs and changing tables. These products were developed for the sole purpose of providing infant safety in necessary areas such a..
14 Jan Our First Video in the
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Take a look at our first video in our "How It's Made" series here at WBC. The videos in this series will give you a glimpse of each step a product must go through before being shipped out to customers.This video reviews the clean up process all sewn materials must go through before they reach packaging. In the video you'll be able to see our new m..
11 Dec Customer Spotlight- XTech Protective Equipment
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XTech Protective is a revolutionary sports protective equipment company manufactured 100% in the USA. Each member of the team is a former athlete who understands the importance of having protective equipment that will not compromise mobility or comfort.Their Chief Product Designer is one of the industries most decorated safety product developers. H..
20 Nov Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - Fundraiser
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Breast Cancer has effected the lives of everyone on our team in one way or another. We felt it was time to start giving back to this cause which lead us to creating a fundraiser involving our pink products. During the months of September and October we decided to donate 10% of all Pink product sales. Additionally any customers that purchased $250 o..
01 Nov Customer Spotlight - Crazy K Farm
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The Crazy K Farm is a non-profit organization that provides care and life-time homes to rescued, abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless animals. They work tirelessly to prevent animal cruelty by promoting animal cruelty education. The farm has created a sanctuary on 35 acres designed to be a safe space for the rescued animals to roam. Some of ..
30 Oct Customer Spotlight – The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation
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Michael Mendonca is a founder of the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation. An organization focused on providing prosthetic hands to people who have lost a limb in developing countries around the world. This year the foundation is celebrating its 15 year anniversary.  Since starting in 2008 they have produced and assembled over 56,000 LN4 hands..
02 Sep Covid-19
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When Covid-19 hit like many companies our facility was turned into a place where PPE could be manufactured. Since then we have been able to donate hundreds of face masks and hand sanitizer bottles to Robert Wood Johnson Hospitals, Local Municipalities and Schools. ..
02 Aug Customer Spotlight – Higgy Bears
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Higgy Bears was started by founder Lauren, a lifelong scoliosis patient. One day during treatment she came up with the idea to create something to support people out there like her that felt alone suffering from scoliosis. This is when the idea of creating Higgy Bears was born. Designing a stuffed animal that possessed the same back brace and supp..
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