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10 Mar The Unlimited Possibilities of WBC Industries
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WBC IndustrieInc. is full of unlimited possibilities. We carry multiple brands of hook & loop fasteners, webbings, elastics, hardware, tools, and specialty materials. Due to our wide range of product offerings, we help supply materials that create many items you use on a daily basis. In our monthly product spotlight, you will learn about the variou..
13 Jan Hook and Loop described in 100 words or less!
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We sat down with WBC Industries, INC. owner to Scott Viglianti to see how he would describe hook and loop in 100 words or less.  See his response below:“Most people don’t know the true meaning behind the words hook & loop. They know the product as Velcro® however, Velcro® is the name of a company that sells hook and loop. WBC Industries offers its ..
30 Sep NJ Provider of Fastening Solutions Leads the Way in Unique Niche Market
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 WBC Industries Inc. Is excited to announce that we’ve been chosen to take part in New Jersey Biz Magazine’s 2021 Edition of Business Profiles. This feature takes an inside look at businesses located throughout the state of New Jersey. In our feature you’ll hear from President and Owner Scott Viglianti as he’s interviewed by the NJ Biz team. Du..
28 Jul Inside WBC Industries Part 1: From the Desk of Scott Viglianti
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Inside WBC Industries Part 1 from the Desk of Scott VigliantiPresident and Owner Scott Viglianti has been running WBC Industries for over 35 years. During that time he has taken on many challenges, including taking on full ownership to expanding the business into a 31,000 sqft facility. However, through it all, he ensures that one thing will always..
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