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Nylon Webbing

WBC Industries, Inc. carries both lightweight and heavyweight Nylon Webbing.  Lightweight is available in limited widths and colors whereas heavyweight is available in many widths and colors.  Nylon Webbing is an extremely durable webbing that is known for its flexibility and strength.  It is great for both indoor and outdoor use.  Both lightweight and heavyweight Nylon are commonly used for applications that require abrasion resistance.  It is commonly used for pet products including collars and leashes, luggage straps, sports equipment & gear, and much more!

Lightweight Nylon Webbing is great for pet leashes and collars. Very strong, tightly woven webbing. Sold in 100-yard increments.  Prices reflected below are for 100 yards of material. Cutting services are available for an additional fee.  Please utilize the live chat feature to inquir..
Heavyweight Nylon Webbing is a versatile and strong webbing that is available in multiple widths and colors.  It can be used for a variety of applications including, but not limited to: tie-down, belts, luggage, bags, straps on backpacks, cosplay, costumes, as well as pet collars, and leas..
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