Inside WBC Industries Part 1 from the Desk of Scott Viglianti

President and Owner Scott Viglianti has been running WBC Industries for over 35 years. During that time he has taken on many challenges, including taking on full ownership to expanding the business into a 31,000 sqft facility. However, through it all, he ensures that one thing will always stay consistent. That is the quality and customized service that WBC Industries provides to its customers. “We are a company that customers can always rely on and trust. When our customers call, they will always reach a member of our team. This is something I find to be very important and hard to come by these days.” To learn more about WBC Industries and Scott’s favorite part about coming to the office everyday see the videos below.


How did WBC Industries get started?

Why do customers choose WBC Industries?

What is Scott’s favorite thing about WBC Industries?



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