Customer Spotlight- Diaper Deck

Diaper Deck paved the way for products in the infant safety industry. They have created products that make the lives of infant parents easier by designing publicly used items such as high chairs and changing tables. These products were developed for the sole purpose of providing infant safety in necessary areas such as public restrooms or facilities.

The safety strap acts as an integral part of the total concept for all their products, specifically on the wall mounted infant changing table. This strap gives parents the peace of mind that they can safely secure their child to change a diaper. Other products they offer include publicly used high-chairs and stall safety seat which both provide the same secure safety strap. 

We are honored that Diaper Deck chooses WBC Industries, Inc. as a supplier for materials that help to create their safety straps.  If you are interested in purchasing one of their products or learning more about them, please click here.