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VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Self-Gripping Die-Cut Straps

VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand ONE-WRAP<sup>®</sup> Self-Gripping Die-Cut Straps
VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Self-Gripping Die-Cut Straps

ONE-WRAP® Die-Cut Straps are a pre-made strapping version of Velcro USA's popular ONE-WRAP® back-to-back fastening system. These straps wrap around objects to be bundled or controlled; the remaining strap tip attaches back onto itself for a neat and secure closure without buckles or hardware.

  • Ideal for cord and cable control, great for network installations
  • Can be cycled (opened and closed) hundreds of times
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 220ºF
  • Roll size is 25 yards; number of straps per roll varies by strap size (see chart)

    Please note there are no refunds or exchanges on VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Self Gripping Die Cut Straps.
    Prices are per roll
ONE-WRAP® Tape is also available in 25-yard rolls.

For additional cord management solutions please see our strap custom fabrication section by clicking here.

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Available Options

Item Width Qty Per Roll Unit Price Color Qty
3/4 x 5" 1,440 Straps $311.05
3/4 x 6" 1,200 Straps $237.75
3/4 x 8" 900 Straps $200.60
3/4 x 12" 600 Straps $208.05
3/4 x 18" 400 Straps $222.90
1 x 8" 675 Straps $192.25
1 x 12" 450 Straps $206.15
1 3/4 x 24" 225 Straps $216.68