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Hammers, Mauls, & Mallets

C.S. Osborne Hammers, Mauls, & Mallets are great for a variety of specialty uses including leather work, riveting, and jobs where scarring is a concern.
The Riveting Hammer features drop forged steel, highly polished head and hickory handle...
The Split Head Hammer is deal for use with punches, grommet dies and where a cushioned blow is desired. Faces easy to replace by loosening the safety nut, removing the worn face, inserting the replacement and tightening. Long wearing. Rawhide, nylon, urethane, and copper faces are available. Choose ..
The Rawhide Mallet is lightweight and features a head made from rolled water buffalo rawhide. The handle is white hickory. Recommended for jobs that the user wishes to avoid scarring. Comes in 7 sizes...
The Poly Mallet features a strong polymer head that is wear resistant and long lasting and a hardwood handle. The special material absorbs shock and minimizes the mallet bouncing back. Great for use with C.S. Osborne K-157 Mini Punch Set and C.S. Osborne thonging chisels. Also use for hammering leat..
The Rawhide Mauls are built to last. Features the use of water buffalo hides that are uniquely treated for maximum durability and shock absorbance. Easy to handle and delivers controlled dead blows. Use with tarp & sailing making, tool & die shops, leather crafting, cutting dies, etc. The la..
The Barrel Shaped Hickory Mallet is a solid mallet made of hickory. Well balanced and nicely finished lacquered handle...
The Hickory Mallet features a solid hickory lacquered handle and can be used for a variety of purposes...
The Black Rubber Mallet can be used without fear of marring metal parts. Provides limited bounce and features a solid dense black rubber head with a white hardwood handle...
The White Rubber Mallet will not mar surfaces. Features limited bounce, white hardwood handle, and superior quality to other mallets available on the market...
The Shoe Hammer features drop forged steel and highly polished head. Great for use in leather work. Use for making sharp folds, adhering cemented parts together, tapping over hand stitches, lacing, welts, etc. Head Length: 5 5/8"Face Diameter: 1 1/4"Handle Length: 9.5"Weight: 14oz..
The Leather Working Hammer is great for use on pocket books, belts, shoes, luggage, saddles, and small leather goods. Features drop forged steel, a rounded polished face to prevent leather marring, and a hickory handle. Head Length: 5 5/8"Face Diameter: 1 1/4"Handle Length: 9.5"Weight: 14oz..
The Fitters' Hammer is great for pounding seams and smoothing leather. Features a polish face and is made of malleable iron. Face Diameter: 1 5/16"Overall Length: 4 5/8"Weight: 11 oz...
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