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Mallets for Grommet Hand Setters

The Rawhide Mallet is lightweight and features a head made from rolled water buffalo rawhide. The handle is white hickory. Recommended for jobs that the user wishes to avoid scarring. Comes in 7 sizes...
The Poly Mallet features a strong polymer head that is wear resistant and long lasting and a hardwood handle. The special material absorbs shock and minimizes the mallet bouncing back. Great for use with C.S. Osborne K-157 Mini Punch Set and C.S. Osborne thonging chisels. Also use for hammering leat..
The Hickory Mallet features a solid hickory lacquered handle and can be used for a variety of purposes...
The Black Rubber Mallet can be used without fear of marring metal parts. Provides limited bounce and features a solid dense black rubber head with a white hardwood handle...
The White Rubber Mallet will not mar surfaces. Features limited bounce, white hardwood handle, and superior quality to other mallets available on the market...
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