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Braided Elastic

Braided Elastic
Braided Elastic

WBC carries three main types of elastics, including knitted, woven, and braided. These elastics are available in white or black in a variety of different sizes. The braided elastic is a thinner elastic with a good stretch capacity. It is not semi-transparent when stretched, as is the knitted.

Braided elastic is perfect for applications in gloves, swim wear, and industrial uses.  Made in the USA.

Made from 75% yarn (polyester material), 25% rubber, and features a 125% stretch capacity.

Yarn: 75%
Rubber: 25%
Rubber Size: 1,800
Elongation: 125%
Yarn Type: Polyester
Width Tolerance: +/- 3/32"

Braided elastic comes in 144 yard increments.

Webbings, Elastics, & Shock Cord Disclosure

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