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Braided Elastic

Braided Elastic
Braided Elastic

Our braided elastic is a thinner elastic that has the most stretch of the elastics we distribute. Braided elastic will narrow in width when stretched. It will lose its stretch when sewn through. It is commonly used in casings for garments, swimwear, as well as facemasks. It is made from polyester yarn and rubber. This elastic is not latex free. If you require latex free braided elastic, please ask us about it! This elastic is manufactured within the United States. If you are in need of an elastic that may be stronger, please take a look at our woven elastic or our knitted elastic that offers a similar stretch but won’t lose stretch when pierced through during the sewing process.

Yarn: 75%
Rubber: 25%
Rubber Size: 1,800
Elongation: 125%
Yarn Type: Polyester
Width Tolerance: +/- 3/32"

The braided elastic is spooled and distributed on 144 yard rolls. The pricing listed below is per 144 yard spool. For questions relating to the elastic or ordering process, please utilize the live chat feature!

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